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Exploring, Overreaching, Giving Up? The UN and Global Governance in Kashmir, Congo, and East Pakistan.

Dr Volker Prott

To Be or Not to Be a Refugee? How UNHCR’s Humanitarian Aid Inhibited Refugee Recognition in Vietnam Between 1973 and 1979.

Sara Cosemans & Dr Trinh Van Vinh

Insecurity, Precarity and Local Labour in United Nations Peacekeeping: Towards a Research Agenda.

Dr Martin Ottovay Jørgensen

The Operation of the ‘First Bailout’: The Social and Economic Impact of the League of Nations’ Programme for Austrian Reconstruction 1922-26

Dr Barbara Warnock

UNESCO’s Fundamental Education in China, 1945–1950: Between the Geopolitics and Idealism of Post-War Global Governance and Chinese Nationalism.

Dr Yarong Chen

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