Prof. Davide Rodogno

Davide Rodogno, was  an Academic Fellow - Research Council United Kingdom Academic Fellow - at the School of History, University of St Andrews (2005-2010), and SNSF – Research Professor (2008-2011). Associate professor (2011-2014) and full professor since 2014 at the Graduate Institute, he served as head of the International History and Politics Department (2014-2017).


Fascism’s European Empire (Cambridge University Press, 2006), Against Massacre: Humanitarian Interventions in the Ottoman Empire (1815-1914), the Birth of a Concept and International Practice (Princeton University Press, 2011).


He co-edited and authored a volume on the history of Humanitarian Photography, a volume on Transnational Networks of Experts in the Long Nineteenth Century, and another on the League of Nations’ social work. His monograph: Night on Earth – A History of International Humanitarianism in the Near East (1918-1930) is currently in production and should be published by the end of the year (Cambridge University Press).

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