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Dr. Barbara Warnock

Dr. Barbara Warnock is the Senior Curator and Head of Education at The Wiener Holocaust Library in London. She obtained her PhD in History from Birkbeck College, University of London in 2016. Her AHRC-funded research project focussed on the League of Nations’ project of stabilisation and financial reconstruction in Austria 1922-1926. Her research interests include ‘internationalism’ in the post- First World War context and the lives of Jewish refugees from Nazism who came to Britain.  


Her publications include ‘The Experiences of Kindertransportees and their Parents: Evidence from the Archives of The Wiener Library’, Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, Volume 51 (2020) and Berlin-London: The Lost Photographs of Gerty Simon (2019).


At The Wiener Holocaust Library she has curated many exhibitions including Forgotten Victims: The Nazi Genocide of the Roma and Sinti (2019-20), Jewish Resistance to the Holocaust (2020) and Berlin London: The Lost Photographs of Gerty Simon (2019). She was for many years a history teacher and examiner.

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